• January Minecraft Meetup at the Thomas Branch (Registration Required)

    December 14, 2018
    Children ages eight and up who enjoy playing the educational game Minecraft are welcome to
    attend Minecraft Meetups at the Thomas Branch of Westchester Public Library. This month's
    meetup will occur on Wednesdays, January 2 and 16 at 4 p.m. in the computer classroom on the
    second floor of the Thomas Branch.
    This program encourages children to engage in a group setting, socialize with other Minecraft
    players, share gaming strategies, and show off their skills. Parents are welcome to attend but
    required for youth under 10 years old. Minecraft also allows players to gain reading, writing,
    math, and social skills. The game is rated E for everyone.
    Registration for this program is required and must be done in person, and WPL Gaming Policy
    and Rules of Conduct need to be signed upon registration, as well. After pre-registering, patrons
    may register for future dates by calling the Thomas IT Department.
    For more information, please contact Dan in the Thomas IT Department at (219) 926-7696. The
    Thomas Branch, located at 200 W. Indiana Ave., Chesterton.
    Jeannine Larimer, Graphic Design & Public Relations
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