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    Decadent Flavor, a concept, and company created and operated by Sonia Payton was established in April 2014. Decadent Flavor is a traveling dessert company that offers a variety of specialty dessert stations from signature mini donuts to delectable funnel cakes. Inspired by the sweet memories of childhood, Decadent Flavor seeks to create and serve delicious treats and indulgences for all occasions including but not limited to weddings, birthday parties, bar/bart mitzvahs, church and corporate events.

    Decadent Flavor has served celebrity and corporate clients including Joakim Noah, Kelly Price, Heineken, Comcast and Krieg DeVault. Our delicious desserts are made fresh at each event and served by a staff with a commitment to the highest level of customer service. Adding Decadent Flavor to your occasion or event is sure to provide your guests with an experience that is both palatable and unique.

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