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    Candy Room
    You have inherited your estranged grandfather's candy shop, which was known for its unique chocolate. Grandpa used to make all of the chocolate himself. Being a rather distrustful old man, Grandpa refused to share his recipe with anyone, even his employees. He hid pieces of his recipe, protected by puzzles, throughout the candy shop for his heirs to find so that they could continue his legacy. Apparently, Grandpa figured that you, his heirs, would be cleverer than his employees. Unfortunately, Grandpa has not yet finished paying off the mortgage on the candy shop. So, there is still quite a bit of money owed on the property and the bank is running out of patience. If you find the recipe, you can continue Grandpa's business and use the profit to pay back the rest. If you do not, the bank will repossess the candy shop and Grandpa's perfect chocolate recipe will be lost forever!

    Haunted Funeral Home
    The Coffee Creek funeral director, Will U. Solvit, went missing decades ago and authorities still have no leads. Since the untimely disappearance of Mr. Solvit, the Coffee Creek Funeral Home has fallen into disrepair. It is haunted by the ghosts of Mr. Solvit and his murderer. The ghosts are unable to communicate directly with the living. Instead, the ghost of Mr. Solvit's murderer has left devious puzzles to taunt investigators, while Mr. Solvit has left clues to help avenge his death. So far, police have been unable to identify the murderer. You get one hour.

    No children under the age of 13 are allowed without a participating adult


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