• Indiana Dunes Tourism Launches First Coffee & Sweets Trail

    PORTER, Ind.—Indiana Dunes Tourism is announcing the launch of the Coffee & Sweets Trail, a unique culinary trail that rewards coffee lovers for visiting local businesses.  

    The Coffee & Sweets Trail includes local coffee and sweets shops near the Indiana Dunes National and State Parks. Each participating shop created a special Indiana Dunes-themed drink for customers to enjoy.

    "Local businesses have been very inventive with their drink names," says Michelle Senderhauf, the Communications Director for Indiana Dunes Tourism. "Dagger Mountain came up with the Kwisatz Haderach after the book Dune, and it's exciting to see our businesses engaging with the Indiana Dunes brand in such creative ways."

    Another business, Fluid Coffee Roasters, named their lavender latte after Diana of the Dunes, a local legend, and dune advocate. Fluid has agreed to donate a portion of its proceeds back to help the Indiana Dunes.

    Starting September 1, 2022, people can participate in the trail by signing up at go.indianadunes.com/coffee. The first 500 participants who check in at seven of the locations will receive an Indiana Dunes Coffee & Sweets Trail mug. 

    "This has been on my mind to do for almost five years," says Dustin Ritchea, the Production Director for Indiana Dunes Tourism. "We have such a unique coffee and sweets product in the Indiana Dunes, and we know that people are willing to travel to try specialty roasts, drinks and sweets. Some of my favorite places to go on vacation are cozy coffee houses, and to be able to work with our amazing partners on this has been truly rewarding." 

    "We see a lot of beer and wine tours in tourism," says Christine Livingston, the Assistant Director for Indiana Dunes Tourism" but to have a trail that the entire family can enjoy means a lot to us here at tourism. We are a family destination, and this trail only helps to reinforce that." 

    Indiana Dunes Tourism joined with Bandwango, the software company helping to facilitate the passes, in 2020, and together, they are working toward future products along the same lines.

    "I don't want to say too much," says Senderhauf, "but this won't be our last culinary trail. For anyone who loves the 3 Dune Challenge, I think they are going to be excited about our next one."

    To learn more about the Indiana Dunes Coffee & Sweets Trail, visit IndianaDunes.com.

    Indiana Dunes Tourism is the official destination marketing, planning and development organization for the Indiana Dunes area/Porter County, Ind. To learn more about Indiana Dunes Tourism, visit them online at indianadunes.com.

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