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    D&K Custom Woodworking is a family-owned company started in 2022 by the brother and sister duo, Josh & Jacqui. In 2016 their father started a remodeling-construction business where Josh and Jacqui worked. Since then, their family has worked and played with ideas on how to grow the company into much more. Together, Josh and Jacqui started to move forward with the creation of D&K Custom Woodworking.

    Josh worked for the remodeling-construction company after college and learned everything from painting to building an addition on a house. After a while, Josh began to grow a passion for building and creating things that people can appreciate and cherish.

    Jacqui came into the business after deciding to quit her many years in restaurants and service to dedicate more of her time and energy around her family. She started out just doing the books but soon a passion grew in her from learning how to create such beautiful things and she began to be more involved in the company and developing her own skills.

    The passion that they have for what they create and the joy that it gives people is what drives them everyday. Their goal is to touch as many lives with the art that they put so much time and energy in.

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