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    Dunebrook Has Been Serving Families for more than 30 years!
    Since 1989, we have been providing support to families to keep children safe, healthy, and happy. Dunebrook is the Child Abuse Prevention Council for LaPorte and Porter Counties, and has a multi-ffaceted approach to delivering prevention and intervention services:
    Healthy Families Visitation Program: Parenting Support for all ages: Prenatally to 5 years of age.
    Child Advocacy Center: Conducts Forensic Interviews of Children for Child Abuse or have witnessed a crime.
    Public Education: Body /Safety; Safer, Smarter Kids/Teens; Stewards of Children
    Parent and Family Education: Parenting Groups


    Main Entrance
    Our beautiful playground
    Book Closet
    Main Lobby
    Toddler Room
    Craft Closet
    Parent Center A
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