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    Llama Bean Coffee Co. was founded in 2020 in honor of one very loved Llama, Barb. Known as a camel’s hippy cousin, llamas are known to be very social, curious animals and are native to the Andes Mountains in South America. However, Barb was born in the United States on a small farm in Bonfield, IL, on April 12, 2007. Barb is the daughter of Marble and Princess and best friend of her owner, Brandon. From the beginning, Barb and Brandon would attend events with the mobile petting zoo, Malone’s Petting Zoo. Barb was always an instant favorite with her curious, yet sassy disposition and she has brought a lot of Joy to many families. So what do you get when you combine Brandon’s love for his llama with his passion for an ethically sourced coffee? Llama Bean Coffee Co; direct trade coffee beans from farmers in Peru and shipped to Naperville, Illinois, where it is roasted to perfection and packaged for everyone to enjoy a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee containing hints of chocolate and nutty goodness. Might we say it again?
    It is Simply Llamazing.

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    Llama Bean Coffee Company
    Barb - Co-founder of Llama Bean
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