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    What started out as a casual conversation between two cousins in June of 2014, quickly turned into the launching pad for Running Vines Winery. Walt and Nicki were bonding over a glass of wine in Walt’s first winery, Nova Cellars in Pulaski, Pennsylvania, discussing their fitness and business adventures. They were discussing partnering and opening something together, when Walt suggested a winery… Seems simple, right? Walt already owned three locations in Pennsylvania and Nicki was well versed in business, events, and marketing.
    Nicki found some suitable locations all which had different appeals and arranged for a visit with Walt & Katie. So just six short weeks after the birth of the daughter, Walt & Katie came to Indiana. They scoped out all the possible locations, went on some wine tours, and nailed down their location. The pair decided on the main street shoppes right in the heart of Nicki’s hometown, Chesterton There was one thing missing when they left .… a name.
    Walt & Nicki had kicked around a lot of different ideas but they did not feel it with any names they had come up with yet… Walt thought having vines in the name would be cool as none of his other locations used it. Nicki really wanted to incorporate both parties love of fitness, especially running. She texted Walt, expecting him to say no, to only get a phone call right away saying he & Katie loved it! That day Walt trademarked the name and the two have been “Running” with their winery.
    Like a vine and it’s branches, Running Vines will be intertwined in its local community, giving back.


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    Nicole Caylor
    • Phone: (219) 771-9463
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