• SHE Designs, LLC dba Orchestrated Events

    SHE Designs, LLC dba Orchestrated Events


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    SHEdesigns LLC is one of 25 ''instruments'' in the Orchestrated Events orchestra. Owned and operated by Jenny Bennett-Beschinski (graduate of Chesterton High School 1993), Orchestrated Events is a brick and mortar shop in Porter County with 25 small businesses representing the event/hospitality industry right here in Northwest Indiana. We are the only local vendor collective in the hospitality industry and we can design anything from weddings to festivals, birthdays to anniversaries, funerals to parades.

    Orchestrated Events: Porter County's Party Planners!


    • Wedding Vendors: hair and makeup, horse & carriage, coordinators
    • Rentals: Barbie box, champagne walls, greenery walls
    • Desserts and Coffee Carts
    • Photographers, Drone, Video and DJs
    • Onsite Florist


    Orchestrated Events: Porter County’s Party Planners!
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